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Quiet Moments Brings Contentment

written by Leslie Greiner


We tend to spend most of our time either in the past or future, consumed by our thoughts twirling around in our head.  Rehashing a situation, pondering our To Do list or fantasizing about an upcoming event.


Being absorbed in the magic of the present moment brings contentment and sometimes even a state of blissfulness.  It quiets the mind and lands you right here and now.


How can you be more present in each moment…


Here are some tools on how to be more Present in the Moment:

1.  Connect to your breath.  Simply allow yourself to do intentional long, deep breathing.  Follow each moment of the inhales and each moment of the exhales.


2.  Practice Meditation.  It is here that you are actually rewiring your brain to be in the present.  The more you practice, the more it will transfer into your everyday life.


3.  Spend time in Nature just observing the way the wind moves, how the trees sway, the rustling of the squirrels.


4.  Pick a simple everyday activity to practice being in the present moment.  For example, every time you open a door, or go up or down stairs, or cut vegetables, or brush your teeth.  Choose this moment every day to be one with the activity and your breath.


5.  Don’t get mad at your thoughts for barging in.  We are human and our thoughts will always be a part of us.  Just start to become the witness to your thinking, instead of allowing them to control you.

6.  Create Art

As you practice these tools, and become more present, life will grant you more peace of mind, more meaningful connections to people, and a way of being that is more genuine and loving.

Birds of Paradise

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